Oops! Now this one has blood on it.
Been practicing my skills.. not that I needed much work, but it’s always good to do every now and then. :P
Thank you for the follow, senor. Puss in Boots, at your service! -bows-

*a little weirded out by the talking cat*

Sure thing… kitty. :P

Anyways, I’m Ruffnut! *grins*

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John Powell - How to Train Your Dragon - Forbidden Friendship

On “Fanpop”…

If Ruffnut had a Boyfriend who will it be?

The fans pick: Snotlout Jorgenson

You have GOT to be kidding me. *facepalms*

who will Ruffnut kiss if she was totally mad?
The fans pick: Tuffnut

Some people have the craziest ideas…… This is NOT happening. *pretends to underline “NOT”* >_>

ooc: These are so great! XD lol

ooc: Good morning! :D I’m still hyper from watching How To Train Your Dragon last night… hyper and tired aren’t a good mix. *sigh*

ooc: Heading off to dream land now! :) Thanks for an awesome first day everyone!

Your brother is hot >_> So are you.

He is not.

And, thanks! ;D

I think you mean me. Idiot.

I think you mean me. Idiot.

*sniffs around the village looking for Tuffnut*


*Sniff sniff…. sniff sniff.. Toothless picks up on a disgusting scent of unbathed viking.. he follows it until he finds.. a viking.. surprise surprise. he rolls his eyes and continues.. he gets to the shore after a lot of searching and discovers Tuffnut.. with.. Terrible Terrors?*